How to stop being afraid of losing their jobs and wages

People often cling to uninteresting work with a small salary and a lot of work after work and sometimes with work on weekends. And they are afraid of losing their jobs. Sometimes it’s about money (although the job isn’t interesting, but they pay a lot for it ). Sometimes it’s just a fear of changing something in life, caused by indecision and low self-esteem (“who else needs me, I don’t really know anything”). Often under negative factors costs nothing, but it is difficult to reverse them. Fear of losing work can and must be overcome. Here are some tips that can help stop being afraid of losing your job.

1. Look for current vacancies

You can search for a potentially new (other) job without quitting the current one. This will be your psychological alternate aerodrome. Searches can be done in the evening, on weekends or at lunchtime. Read carefully the requirements for the applicant of an interesting position and strengthen your skills in this area. And to get rid of low professional self-esteem will help competently compiled resume. List all your skills, implemented projects, possession of professional tools (computer programs). If you have at least 5 years of experience, then you definitely have something to tell.

2. Write down all the pros and cons of your current work.

Write down everything you like and dislike in your current job. Compare the two lists with each other to understand the balance of whether to hold a place. But take your time, make a list deliberately. Sometimes the results may seem unexpected, but in the case of an unloved job, the fear of losing it can be reduced.

3. Write down all your skills

Ponder what you can do well and what you could do. Consider both professional and everyday life skills. After that, try again to search for jobs that require these skills (imagine your ideal position). This, by the way, can help in the future to monetize your hobbies, if you really do it well.

4. Create a financial reserve

The financial airbag is an important feature of a financially literate person. And in this situation, cash savings of 4-6 monthly expenses will help you to survive the gap between a job change (if you consider such a scenario) without financial problems.

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