How to buy an apartment if there is no money or official income?

Not all freelancers can boast of official income and stable earnings, but everyone needs housing. What if you officially do not work anywhere, but you need an apartment? Mortgage you will not be given, because for registration of such a loan need an income statement.

Let’s look at real ways to buy an apartment if there is no money or official income.

1. Buy cheap housing “for cash”

This technique can be called the “ladder”. First you buy liquid cheap housing that you can afford. For example, instead of a one-room apartment, take a studio or a small family. You do not have to live there, you can take the purchased property. It is good to take rooms near universities – there are always many students who want to rent a house.

Then save money, sell cheap real estate and buy more expensive. For example, from the studio doing one-room “Khrushchev.”

It is important to buy liquid housing so that in the next stage it is easy to sell real estate and buy housing of the next level. So you can eventually get the right apartment without risking money and not taking loans. Plus a little money on renting.

2. Buy an apartment “for repair”

“Killed” apartments are often sold at low prices, and during a crisis, their cost drops even lower, because people have little money and no opportunity to invest in repairs. If the seller urgently needs money, and no one wants to rent his “killed” apartment, you may agree with the seller about a significant price reduction.

Such apartments are worth taking if you can make repairs yourself and save money on it. Since the “capital” apartment by the mercenary brigade is very expensive.

Check your documents carefully. Do not mess with apartments that:

  • inherited or donated,
  • which sellers are legal entities
  • real estate has a burden or in an apartment lived alcoholics.

In these cases, it is likely to get into trouble after the registration of housing and lose your money.

3. Arrange payment by installments with the seller.

If you do not have the full amount to buy an apartment, you can arrange an installment plan with the seller itself. Without banks and mortgages. Of course, you will not be given installments for the long term. However, if you are sure that you will be able to pay within 6-12 months, you can talk about installments for such a period.

4. Get an installment plan from the developer

If you buy an apartment in a new building, you can arrange an installment plan with the developer. Usually installments give for a year or until the end of construction. You can meet and provide installments without a certificate of income. Of course, if you’re lucky.

5. Borrow money from good friends or relatives

If you have acquaintances or friends who can borrow some of the money to buy real estate, try borrowing from them. You can agree on the payment of interest, which will be slightly higher than bank deposits. Now, many banks are reducing interest on deposits. People can lend you money if you pay them interest higher than deposit rates.

Naturally, you need to be sure that you can give money and pay.

6. Make a mortgage for a husband / wife

If you do not have official income, and the spouse or spouse does, you can try to apply for a mortgage on a person who has an official income. To give a mortgage, you need to save a large down payment. The more you have your own funds and the less you take out a loan, the higher the chances for approval of the application.

7. Temporarily get a formal job

You can temporarily get a job in the office to get an opportunity to take a mortgage loan. It is enough to work for 6-8 months to get a bank a certificate of income and he saw in you a reliable borrower.

To increase the chances of getting a loan, in advance, issue a debit card at the bank, open a deposit. It is good if the employer has a salary project in this bank. This all will increase your chances of getting a mortgage. After processing the loan, you can return to the free bread.

Of course, for freelancers, the best way out is to work officially and execute an IP .

It is believed that the IP-shnik do not give loans. This is not true. If you work as an IP, have a bank account, constantly conduct traction, have a contribution – in the eyes of the bank you are a reliable client who can be given a mortgage.

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